Wu Han David Finckel ACCLAIM Duo Trio

“When pianist Wu Han arrived in the U.S. from Taipei, in 1981, she spoke not a word of English. Today, she is the modern model of the American success story, equal parts impresaria, scholar, performer, teacher, cheer leader, and recording producer.”



“As both personality and artist, Wu Han seems to light a fire wherever she goes; she is a self-confessed risk-taker, a passionate, committed artist too busy making a difference to ever take credit.”


“Ms. Wu’s piano playing was simply gorgeous.”

The Wall Street Journal



“During the wildly virtuosic opening movement of Benjamin Britten’s Piano Concerto, an ASO premiere, it became clear that we were in the presence of a major artist.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution



“Han is an exuberant presence; her sparkling playing and style brought out the fire in her colleagues.  The sound was relentlessly driving and unfailingly full of character.”

“Wu Han brought passion to everything.”

The Washington Post



“Wu Han presented the piano parts in an exceptionally graceful and intelligent fashion.”

The New York Times



“Wu Han has always struck me as that rare performer who can free the music from her hands, enabling us to hear around and through her to the music she plays.”

“Each performance feels like a luminous entrée into its composer.

Positive Feedback



“Wu Han possesses a disarming combination of discipline and tenderness, always leavened by her matchless sense of style.”

“In her playing… so elegant and powerful, with a fluidity and a sense of effortless grace…”

“It's the same notes everyone else plays, but in her conversation and performance, she animated them and brought out their stories and charm in a way I'd never experienced.”

National Public Radio



Wu Han, whose hands and technique are electronic in quickness, gave a most artful and varied performance. Her playing is fully engaging and enlivening.”

San Francisco Chronicle


“Wu Han’s precision, passion and elegance know no limits. Every phrase, every passage, was polished to perfection and succeeded in bringing out the best…”

Peninsula Reviews


“Wu Han exploded in musicality and spontaneity. She has the charm and boldness to let the music live.”

Berlingske Tidende (Copenhagen)




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