Wu Han David Finckel ACCLAIM Duo Trio


“In the chamber music world they are rock stars.”

- Chamber Music America

"This irrepressible husband and wife team has initiated a quiet revolution in music often regarded as too rarefied to attract a large following. They are changing that perception and garnering new fans… And they have done it through sheer determination and elbow grease."

Musical America



"Since taking over the [The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center} in 2004, the husband and wife team of cellist David Finckel and pianist Wu Han has forged it into an unstoppable entity—an exploding star in the musical firmament. Its directors seem incapable of anything but success."

The Wall Street Journal



Finckel and Han deserve a standing ovation… I suspect many ‘music types’ don’t fully appreciate the type of entrepreneurial talent it takes to create a Music@Menlo out of thin air. Somehow the two New York-based musicians saw the potential of Silicon Valley to support and sustain a world-class chamber music festival—then proceeded to convert that dream into reality. Very few people, especially top-caliber musicians, are capable of doing that.”

Music Matters



“Superb…a musical experience that was at once vibrant, beautiful and intellectually stimulating.”

San Francisco Chronicle



“Mr. Finckel and Wu Han gave eloquent and deeply committed performances. He played with a deep and burnished tone and she with a sparkling virtuosity. Best of all was how keenly they listened to each other.”

The New York Times



“When a pair of genuine artists explodes on the stage, exuding not only glamour and theatrical flair but also superb musical insight, the audience’s thrill is twofold.”

 “It was a performance in which lyricism and virtuosity shared equal roles, but what made it particularly memorable was the degree of exquisitely intimate ensemble achieved by Finckel and pianist Wu Han, with spontaneity, vigor and seamless melody.”


The Washington Post



 “Finckel and Wu Han displayed tight ensemble and exceptional accompaniment of each other and their expression of the heroic spirit of this music was most impressive…The key here is that heroes take risks, they live on the edge.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



Finckel and Han are top-notch, well-matched individual performers. Finckel possesses a robust sound with a beautiful, earthy bottom and an authoritative, compelling performance style, and Han brings seemingly boundless technique and appealing zestfulness to her playing.”

Chicago Sun-Times



“There was a sense of absolute certainty in the way cellist and pianist completed each other's sentences, yet their long familiarity with each other's musical responses did not rob their performances of freshness, spontaneity or directness.”

“…this was deep, life-giving music.”

“The playing of both was polished, even breathtakingly virtuosic.”

Chicago Tribune



"Partners in music and in life, Finckel and Wu Han surmount all the formidable technical, tonal, and musical challenges and play with absolute security, conviction, and authority.”




“To be sure, the couple still knows how to bring down the house…”

Boston Musical Intelligencer



“This chamber music duo is an inspired pairing, conversant with the material and each other’s motions. Finckel makes his instrument sing with a natural eloquence, at once muscular and supple. Han, for her part, dispatches musical material without flinching and without losing emotional mooring.”

Los Angeles Times


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