David Finckel

Cello Talks

Cello Talks

“I have carried a lifelong desire to educate the next generation of musicians. Knowing that my available time to coach and give master classes was limited due to my touring schedule, I decided to innovate a new kind of cello school. Cello Talks is a series of 100 short videos, that takes cellists of all ages through a crash-course on cello technique, tips, and tricks. The informal webcam series, filmed across two years in destinations worldwide, has resonated with cellists, educators, and musicians in more ways than I could have imagined. It is gratifying to offer this educational tool and share a glimpse of my life as a professional touring cellist.”
– David Finckel

Talk 1: Introduction

Talk 2: Choosing a Cello

Talk 3: "Setting Up" Your Cello

Talk 4: Endpin Variables

Talk 5: Aligning Your Cello

Talk 6: Practice Place

Talk 7: Clean Up!

Talk 8: What the Bow Does

Talk 9: Choose Your Bow!

Talk 10: Holding the Bow

Talk 11: Rosin, Rosin, and More Rosin

Talk 12: Bow and String

Talk 13: Use More Bow

Talk 14: Comfort at the Tip

Talk 15: Make Your Bow Look Short

Talk 16: Introduction to Vibrato

Talk 17: Great Vibrato Examples

Talk 18: Measuring Vibrato

Talk 19: Du bist die Ruh

Talk 20: Vibrato Width

Talk 21: Vibrato Consistency

Talk 22: In Your Case

Talk 23: Good and Great

Talk 24: 80, 90 and 103

Talk 25: Tuning your Cello

Talk 26: Practicing with a Metronome

Talk 27: Practicing with the Tuner

Talk 28: Measuring Bow Pressure

Talk 29: Bow Pressure at the Tip

Talk 30: Vibrato in Orchestra Hall

Talk 31: Bow Pressure Exercises

Talk 32: Flat Hair at the Tip

Talk 33: Face Out

Talk 34: Bow Clicks

Talk 35: Bow Clicks 2

Talk 36: Martele

Talk 37: Colle

Talk 38: Spiccato

Talk 39: Spiccato with Colle

Talk 40: Spiccato with a Kick

Talk 41: Extreme Spiccato

Talk 42: Sautille

Talk 43: Overlapping Spiccato and Sautille

Talk 44: Reach Everything

Talk 45: 1st Position

Talk 46: 4th Position

Talk 47: 2nd Position

Talk 48: Practice in the Dark

Talk 49: 3rd Position

Talk 50: 5th, 6th and 7th Positions

Talk 51: 8th Position

Talk 52: Questions Answered

Talk 53: Paris Collection I: Position Changes

Talk 54: Paris Collection II - Strauss Shifting

Talk 55: Paris Collection III - Simple Scales

Talk 56: Paris Collection IV - Shifting Concept

Talk 57: Paris Collection V - Whip Shifts

Talk 58: Paris Collection VI - Over the Hump

Talk 59: Paris Collection VII - Start Your Day Up High

Talk 60: Paris Collection VIII - Position Consistency

Talk 61: Paris Collection XI - Sounding Point

Talk 62: Paris Collection X - Bow Momentum

Talk 63: Paris Collection XI - Slow Bow Starts

Talk 64: Paris Collection XII - Bow Changes

Talk 65: Work on Your Weak Points

Talk 66: Phys Ed

Talk 67: Warming Up

Talk 68: Preparing to Practice

Talk 69: Break Up Your Routine

Talk 70: Sound Production I: What Makes it Loud?

Talk 71: Sound Production II: Even Bow Speed

Talk 72: Sound Production III: Unequal Bow Speed

Talk 73: Sound Production IV: Sound Color

Talk 74: David vs. the Atlanta Airport

Talk 75: Bow Tightening

Talk 76: Vibrate Above: Good or Bad?

Talk 77: Calgary Talk I - Questions Answered II (part 1)

Talk 78: Calgary Talk I - Questions Answered II (part 2)

Talk 79: Calgary Talk Ia: Horsehair Errata

Talk 80: Calgary Talk II: 4 Minute Demo

Talk 81: Calgary Talk IV: Stretching

Talk 82: Calgary Talk V: Playing Fast

Cello Talk 83: Bow Geography

Cello Talk 84: Playing at the Frog

Cello Talk 85: Cufflink Vibrato

Talk 86: Playing at the Tip

Talk 87: Playing in the Middle

Talk 88: One Quarter

Talk 89: Three Quarters

Talk 90: The Case for a Tighter Bow

Talk 91: Conquering the Fingerboard

Talk 92: Bow Changes

Talk 93: Fingerings

Talk 94: Cello Physical

Talk 95: Adapt!

Talk 96: Knowledge

Talk 97: Atmosphere

Talk 98: Artistic Use of Vibrato

Talk 99: A School of Cello Playing

Talk 100: Bridges and Strings