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Chamber Music Institute

Each season, Music@Menlo’s Chamber Music Institute trains approximately 40 young musicians, ages 9 to 29, ranging from promising pre-conservatory age students to the world’s top conservatory and graduate level musicians. Per David Finckel and Wu Han’s unique vision for the Chamber Music Institute, young artists are specifically trained in the rigor of a professional chamber music career, navigating an intense rehearsal and performance schedule while also gaining invaluable experience in interacting with audiences supporters, and other constituents of the classical music community. Each season, approximately 30 Young Performers (ages 9 to 18) and 11 International Program artists (ages 18 to 29) work closely with Music@Menlo’s world-class artist-faculty roster for the duration of the festival in coachings and mater classes, as well as lectures and other events. Alumni of Music@Menlo’s Chamber Music Institute have gone on to appear on the world’s most prestigious stages and have founded concert series and festivals of their own, thus fostering a chamber music presence worldwide.

“Every time we open our doors, we are inviting in a community of people who are all here to learn something, to gain an even deeper passion for the art form through the discoveries that we make together here as students, teachers, listeners and performers. I think that is what makes Music@Menlo a festival somewhat apart from the rest of the world.”  – David Finckel